Aug 292017

CardValet – The Finance App That Will Change the Way You Spend and Save

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  When it comes to your finances, it’s always a positive when you have a convenient and simplistic way of keeping track of your spending, your budget, your bills, and most importantly, your safety and security. Polam FCU values keeping our members happy as well as worry-free, and CardValet is here to help with that.   CardValet® by Fiserv gives its users the ability to fight debit and credit card fraud by enabling customizable real-time alerts. The app lets you set preferences and alerts so you can both detect and help prevent fraudulent activity. It’s easy to get started –

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Aug 232017

Chip and PIN Credit Cards – Three Reasons Why They’re Worth It

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  As chip and PIN credit cards have grown to become a new normal in banking technology, a good amount of both buzz and misunderstanding about how they work has gone around. However, this is a positive upgrade for consumers when it comes to the safety and security of your money, and a step forward in enhancing fraud protection.   You’ve probably already seen them, as more and more cards have these chips and chip readers are growing more and more common in places where one spends money. Chip and PIN cards, also known as EMV cards, come with a

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Aug 142017

Finances and Back-to-School Season: Helpful Tips

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  It feels like that back-to-school day comes earlier and earlier each year – most likely because in many places, it does. One minute you’re on a family vacation across the country, and the next, you’re stocking up on new clothes and backpacks. According to the National Retail Federation’s 2017 survey, parents will spend about $670 just getting one child ready to go back to school. So how can parents send their kids into the next grade and not just avoid breaking the bank, but saving money in the process? It’s possible. When it comes to anything from new backpacks

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Aug 072017

Polam Profiles: Jan Karpowicz – Branch Manager

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  Conversations over Coffee: New Britain Branch Manager Jan Karpowicz As the branch manager for the Polam Federal Credit Union branch in New Britain, Connecticut, Janek Karpowicz definitely has his hands full running the only Polam FCU branch on the East Coast. And not only has he successfully managed his branch for the last 11 years, he and Polam also work to make huge strides for the Polish-American community in New Britain. “The world of banking is full of competition,” Janek told us. “Our New Britain branch strives to be the best. This starts with the relationship we build with

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Aug 012017

Money-Saving Vacation Tips – A Few Hidden Secrets

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  Whether you’re traveling solo, with children or with friends, the cost of travel can really add up and push you over budget. You don’t need to be rich to have the vacation of your dreams – you just have to have a bit of creativity when it comes to how you spend and what you buy.   Before you start making reservations, there are a few things to consider, and we have a number of incredibly useful tips regarding the best way to make your trip financially stress-free.   As you’re planning ahead for your vacation, enroll in the

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