Nov 282018

Budgeting Tips To Keep You On Track For The Holidays

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  The holiday season is well known for being a merry, happy and festive time for Americans. Whether you’re sharing the holiday with friends or family (or both), Christmas season and Christmas Day itself is universally recognized as a time of giving gifts to your loved ones. However, while shopping for the perfect gift may be an exciting experience for some, it can also potentially lead to overspending if one doesn’t have a clear budget lined out for their shopping and gift giving.   Keeping a budget year-round is important, but during a time where your spending may increase, it’s

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Nov 202018

Saving Money with Holiday Shopping Online

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  It’s 2018. If you don’t shop online, you’re likely one of the very few who don’t. With retailers making it easier than ever to buy online, and with the behemoth that is Amazon and its Prime membership, some consumers don’t even bother to shop in person. There are multitudes of benefits to shopping online, especially during the holiday season – no waiting in lines, no huge crowds, and so forth. With new apps coming out seemingly by the week, there seems to be no limit to the online shopping world. However, there are always downsides – one of which

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Nov 132018

4 Reasons a Checking Account is Important for a Healthy Financial Life

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  When you become a member of a credit union, you’re taking a big step forward in developing strong financial habits, building up credit, and eventually applying for one of our loans. However, when you become a member of Polam FCU, a checking account is an essential first step. Our checking accounts are designed to help you track your spending, pay bills online, and join our UChoose rewards program where you earn points for each purchase you make. Additionally, you can access our online and mobile banking for better convenience. If you need further convincing when it comes to opening

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Nov 072018

Easy Financial Tips For Young Adults

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  Receiving your first paycheck from your first job can be a uniquely rewarding experience. While you may have earned an allowance growing up for doing chores, or run a lemonade stand over the summer, it’s always exciting to see the benefits in actual paycheck form. As you start earning more paychecks and take on more adult financial tasks, such as paying bills, you’ll have to develop skills to develop a budget and build your credit score. Fortunately, in 2018 we live in a more digitalized world, as developments in tech continue to grow at an unfettered pace. It’s far

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