Feb 272019

Easy Tips for Paying Down Loans Faster

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  Owing money on a mid-to-large-sized loan is relatively common these days. In fact, studies have shown that more than half of all Americans have taken out a decent-sized loan to which they still owe quite a bit of money. After all, especially in the 21st century, taking out a loan is almost a big part of being an adult. Whether you’ve taken out a home equity loan, student loans, or an auto loan, unless you’re a millionaire it is almost a necessity if you need to make big purchases or help get from one point to another, financially.  

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Feb 242019

Great Ways to Support Your Local Community

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  It is well known by our members that Polam FCU is a strong supporter and participant in the Bay Area Polish-American community. We work with local organizations and our members help form the backbone of what makes us a strong part of the Bay Area. Most importantly, our members visit and patronize Polish-owned businesses all around them, and businesses tend to work together to make our community great.   If you want to do more to help keep our local economies strong, there’s a number of things you can do to support your neighbors, friends and family, as we

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Feb 202019

Saving Money By Avoiding Takeout

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  We currently live in a world where convenience is the key to everything. Whether it’s through mobile apps or new technology for newly-released devices, we want what we want quickly and without much effort on our end. The need for convenience has expanded to ordering takeout – with Seamless, Postmates, and UberEats, among others, we don’t have to make much of an effort. Just open your takeout app of choice, pick a restaurant and what you want to order, and pay on the app. Convenient, right?   However, studies show that 49 percent of millennials spend more on going

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Feb 122019

3 Tips for Planning a Creative and Budget-Friendly Wedding

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  Wedding are often magical events, for the bride and groom, for the families of the bride and groom, and your guests. Most women (and some men) have their dream wedding all planned out, and using Pinterest is a great way to collect ideas. However, according to The Knot, a wedding website, in 2017 the average cost of a wedding was $33,391, which is far over budget for many couples and their families.   If you’re looking to stay within your budget and still have a beautiful wedding, we have some creative tips to make that happen. We also encourage

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Feb 062019

3 Ways You Can Use A Home Equity Loan

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  Owning a home has multiple benefits. For one, you’re not reliant on a landlord; when it comes to your home, you’re in charge. Second, you can build equity in your home the longer you own it. That equity is available for you to when you need an extra cash flow, and can be quite useful when you’re in a situation where you need additional funds. Polam’s home equity loans are designed for that purpose, and if you’re interested in taking out a loan on your home, visit one of branches and speak to one of our loan officers.  

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