Mar 182019

The Importance of Creating a Will or Living Trust

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  “Life is short.” That’s something adults often hear, because the older you get, the faster time passes by. We don’t like to think about our own mortality, because it reminds us that everything eventually comes to an end. And even though it may seem almost morbid for some, planning for our eventual death is an absolute necessity, especially if you’ve got family to think about, large sums of money / non-fluid income, or other investments.   All things considered, the importance of creating a will – especially as you reach middle or retirement age – cannot be understated. Not

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Mar 052019

3 Tips on How to Spend Mindfully

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  It’s 2019, and we live in an era where spending money is not just limited to going out to a store, shop, or restaurant and making purchases in person. We live in a world where e-commerce has seemingly taken over, with Amazon dominating the online marketplace with other e-commerce business models struggling to compete. Anyone with Amazon Prime can tell you how easy it is to hop on the site and get anything you want or need, without having to worry about shipping costs. Incidentally, Target is known far and wide as a store where you visit to pick

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