May 252019

Car Care Tips to Help You Save Money

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  Owning a car is a necessity in most of the country, because mass transit is either unavailable or unreliable in most cities. However, despite it being a necessity for most, it’s a privilege for many as well, because cars aren’t exactly cheap. Whether your car is older with 50,000 miles on it, or new and in tip-top shape, you’re still going to have to spend money taking care of your car to ensure it lives a long life, and also to ensure that you’re not going to have to pay big bucks to get something on it repaired.  

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May 212019

Great Tips on Being Eco-Friendly and Saving Money

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  More often than ever, we discover new ways to “go green” and help preserve the environment and how we treat the planet in which we inhabit. You may not know that there are many ways to go green that can also save you money in the long run. And the great thing is, there are a number of “hacks” to do just that. You may not even realize how easy it is to save money while being environmentally friendly.   Here are a few easy tips on how to go green while keeping your budget and finances in line:

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May 102019

Looking For a New Car?

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  When it comes to buying a car, especially if it’s your first car, you may get this feeling of freedom that allows you to take to the open road. Mass transit is not common in much of the United States, especially non-urban areas, so owning a car can be a lifesaver for anyone who needs to get to work, visit family and friends, to get to their doctor’s appointments. So that’s what you get when you buy your first car – a newfound sense of freedom. Even replacing an older car can give you that free feeling.   However,

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