Jul 222019

Building a Business With a Credit Union

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    The United States is known around the world as the land of opportunity, and in turn, many people use that opportunity to start a small business, and many move to this country with a business in mind as well. About 27 million Americans run or own their own small business, and because of this, loans and financing are in strong demand. Starting out with a loan is the best way to get your business off the ground, and there’s no better financial institution than a credit union like Polam FCU to get approved.   If you already belong

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Jul 192019

How to Create a Healthy Emergency Savings Fund

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  When it comes to one of those last-minute emergencies, regardless of the extent of the emergency, one may find themselves at odds when it comes to having healthy savings. While most people who are financially comfortable have a savings account, an emergency savings fund can help alleviate any concerns one might have regarding medical bills, automotive issues, unexpected home renovations, and even unemployment. Studies have shown that many Americans are one major emergency away from either bankruptcy or homelessness, depending on their annual income and current bills. Having an emergency savings fund is essential to your financial health, as

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Jul 102019

Getting Rid of Bad Spending Habits

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  Everyone, regardless of their economic status, has spent money without thinking twice at least once in their life. In fact, it’s not terribly uncommon; most working Americans can attest that a lack of mindful spending has caught up to them more than once. Unless you’re a multi-millionaire, bad spending habits can severely hinder your financial goals and can saddle you with unneeded debt. Careless spending can come in the form of having a daily coffee habit, or maxing out your credit card on frivolous expenditures. Regardless of your income and finances, these kinds of bad habits can add up

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Jul 032019

Money Tips For Traveling Abroad

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  Everyone has a checklist they follow when planning an overseas vacation: buy plane tickets, set up itineraries, packing your bags with everything you’ll need. For most travelers, setting up a budget before taking off is also a priority on their checklist. Along with being in a country with a different native language with a different cuisine and different customs, you’re going to experience financial changes as well.   Before you leave, make sure you go through this list of smart money tips that will make your overseas vacation less financially stressful, so you can have a great time and

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