Aug 292019

How to Build Credit in College

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  For young adults who choose to take the higher education route, college is a time for big changes. No longer will they have the regimented school schedule from their youth; classes at varied times, extracurriculars and Greek organizations, and part-time jobs all throw a wrench into the lives of young adults to prepare them for the real world. However, there’s one very important part of joining the real world in young adulthood – healthy finances and good credit. Managing your checking account, saving money, spending wisely, and building credit are vital tools as you get older and take on

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Aug 232019

Buying a Home and Choosing Your Neighborhood

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    Hunting for a new house is something to not be taken lightly. When you’re signing on the dotted line and have a mortgage set up, you don’t want to simply settle. However, a key factor in looking for a new home is finding the right neighborhood for your lifestyle. Some people prefer a more quiet neighborhood, some like to live in the middle of everything, and knowing the environment you want to live around is just as important as finding an ideal home.   As you start checking out various neighborhoods, there are a number of factors to

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Aug 162019

Creating a Monthly Household Budget

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  As anyone who lives on their own or with a partner can understand, having a monthly budget in place for your household is imperative for a healthy financial lifestyle. Creating this budget will ensure that your bills will be paid on time, as well as help you assess the funds you have for groceries, prescriptions, or other essentials. It also ensures that you can assess what you have left over after such expenditures, and give you the opportunity to decide how that money is used, whether it’s for a vacation, a bigger purchase, paying off extra debt, or to

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Aug 082019

Money Tips for College Students and Young Adults

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  As a young adult in the working world for the first time, your first paycheck from your first job is the start of something new. Many young people learn the basics about money as they grow up, whether it’s through earning money through a lemonade stand or in the form of an allowance for doing chores. As you get older and tackle more adult financial tasks, such as paying bills and creating a basic budget, it’s important to continue to learn and hone your financial skills and literacy.   In 2019, we live in a more digitalized world, and

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