Feb 242020

Conversations Over Coffee – Michael Baryla

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  When it comes to balancing the fine line between work, family, and leisure, Michael Baryla seems to be on the right track. And as the new director of Polam Federal Credit Union, he looks to balance all of those elements with skill.   Mike was brought on at Polam this January, and he looks to bring a new style and direction to the success of our credit union. He’s an experienced businessman and hobbyist who looks to bring his business ownership experience to his work at Polam.   “I’m looking to bring a fresher approach to operations,” Mike said,

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Feb 102020

The Benefits of Going Mobile

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  It’s officially the start of a new decade, and for the last several years, we’ve seen a world that’s gone increasingly online. Smartphones and tablets only began to pick up traction in the last decade, and with each passing year, tech companies like Apple and Google release new, updated devices with even more features to make your life more convenient and cool. Naturally, this mobile trend has extended broadly to the financial sector, and credit unions around the country are taking advantage of their members’ need for mobile access.   If you’re still on the fence when it comes

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Feb 072020

Adopting a Furry Friend – What are the Costs

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  Adopting a furry friend can bring a great deal of joy to a household, especially if you need a bit of extra companionship. With animal shelters seeking adoptive pet parents every day, the pet industry is booming, and more and more families are finding that giving a home to a new cat or dog has a great deal of benefits. However, when you adopt a pet, you’re adopting a living creature that comes with costs, and it’s important to not overlook that fact before you visit your local shelter.   Before you take the step in adopting a new

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