Aug 062020

Keeping Organized – Tips for a Secure Filing System

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  Getting organized should be a part of any adult’s everyday life. Whether it’s your home office, kitchen, desk at work, or even your personal computer, having a system of organization can save you time every day and create a stress-free environment for yourself and those you live with. However, keeping organized not only saves you time and stress, but when it comes to important paperwork and documents, it can also save you and your money in the long run.   Organization is more than simply knowing where to put things – it also includes creating a filing system and

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Aug 022020

Money and Marriage – Communicating While Merging Finances

Posted on August 02, 2020 Blog, Blog, Group A, Group A

  Getting married is one of the most exciting and life-changing experiences for any adult. However, when you take the steps to spend the rest of your life with someone, you’re making big changes in all aspects of your lives as well. One of the biggest and certainly the most important steps is deciding how to merge your finances once you’re legally married. It can certainly be a challenge, but it can easily be done with the right amount of communication and openness. The decisions you make as a married couple can affect the future of your finances for years

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