May 282021

Saving Money While Paying for College

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    There are a number of universally known things about America, and one such thing is that higher education is not a cheap affair. When you add up the cost of tuition, boarding, books, and the amenities you’ll need every day, the price can add up. While taking out student loans or applying for one of Polam’s personal loans can help cover the big stuff, there are still a lot of factors to consider when you’re a college student.   Also, one of the best ways to cut down on college costs is to plan ahead – starting in

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May 182021

The Costs of Adopting a Pet

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    Providing a furry friend with a forever home an extra boost of happiness, especially if you need a bit of extra companionship. With animal shelters looking for quality pet parents every day, the pet industry is booming, and more and more families are finding that giving a home to a new cat or dog has a great deal of benefits. However, when you adopt a pet, you’re adopting a living creature that comes with costs, and it’s important to not overlook that fact before you visit your local shelter or breeder.   Before you take the plunge in

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May 142021

Transforming Your Backyard Into Your Summer Paradise

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  Summer is almost here, and with the state opening up and more and more people getting vaccinated, many folks are looking forward to entertaining with friends during these upcoming warmer months. And what better way to celebrate being able to see our friends and family for the first time in a year than to celebrate in a newly renovated backyard paradise? Even if you don’t have a huge space to work with, it’s surprisingly easy to take your yard and transform it into a place where people enjoy gathering together over good food, good drinks, and beautiful summer weather.

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May 062021

Buying a New Car – How to Save Money on Your Purchase

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  There are few purchases more exciting than the purchase of a new car. Whether you’re driving off the lot in a new or pre-owned car, it’s a big step to take and one that will help shape the next several years of your life. Such an expensive buying decision needs to be taken seriously, as there’s a great deal to consider before you take the plunge – most notably how much your new car is going to cost in the long run.   Before you begin your car shopping journey, here are a few good ways you can save

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