Jun 232021

The Benefits of Mobile Check Deposit

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      In the last decade, smartphones have completely changed the landscape of how we live our lives. They are literally computers that can fit into your pocket or purse, and with that technology comes a lot of really cool and useful apps and features. Financial technology improves by the day, and it is now commonplace for credit unions to offer free mobile banking apps so their members can access their accounts at their own personal convenience, 24/7.   One such feature with most mobile banking apps is mobile check deposit; this tool enables you to use the camera

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Jun 212021

Saving for Your 2021 Summer Vacation

Posted on June 21, 2021 Uncategorized

    It’s official – summer has arrived! Not only are we getting right in the midst of this beautiful season, but with more and more people getting their COVID-19 vaccinations, states are fully opening up. If you haven’t already started saving for your summer vacation, it’s definitely not too late to start now. Whether you want to take a vacation overseas or you’re looking at a less expensive road trip excursion, saving money early for your trip is an important choice.   We have a number of solid tips designed to help you save money for your summer vacation

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Jun 142021

Credit Card Tips for New Users

Posted on June 14, 2021 Uncategorized

  When it comes to smart spending, credit cards can serve as a useful tool for making everyday purchases, building your credit, and learning the basics of financial responsibility. However, credit cards can also be complicated, and it’s important to understand all that comes with being a credit card user – interest rates, due dates, cash advance fees, late fees, and more. Responsible credit card use can serve as a huge benefit in the long run, and when you’re paying your balance on time every month, you’ll start noticing an increase in your credit score.   Here are a few

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Jun 082021

Your Credit Score and How to Keep it Healthy

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  It may seem strange, but three simple numbers can affect almost every aspect of your life. Your credit score is important, as it determines your worthiness as a borrower based on your payment history and the credit you’ve built up over time. This score can influence where you choose to live, your ability to borrow money or apply for a credit card, or even where you end up working.   Maintaining a healthy credit score can truly change your life for the better. However, it’s important to know the different ways your credit score can be impacted for the

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