Aug 312021

Choosing Between Credit and Debit While Shopping

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  “Credit or debit?” If you’re a regular card user when you shop, you’re likely used to hearing this question at the register. But when it comes to your spending and your budget, which option is the right option? There’s definitely a difference between the two choices and it’s important to know which choice to make.   What’s the difference between credit and debit?  Depending on which option you choose, your transaction will be processed a certain way. When you choose debit, the funds are immediately withdrawn from your account and sent over to the vendor. When you choose credit,

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Aug 232021

Making a Big-Ticket Purchase

Posted on August 23, 2021 Uncategorized

    You know that feeling – the one where you’ve got your eye on something big, expensive, and perhaps not in your price range, and you know you have to have it. The itch to make a big-ticket purchase is not abnormal, but you have to know when to take the plunge or put your wallet away, no matter how tempted you may be.   Before you give in to temptation and make your purchase, here are a few things to consider first:   Take a minute to think about it.  Oftentimes, big-ticket purchases are also spontaneous purchases, without

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Aug 172021

Saving Money on Feeding Your Family

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When it comes to tracking household expenses, you have set bills (i.e. rent, mortgage, cable) that you expect to pay every month. You also have expenses that vary every month – and food shopping is one of those ongoing expenses. Some households can survive on one big shopping trip a month, and some require multiple trips. And then you factor in the households that dine out somewhat often (which can be a budget breaker if you aren’t careful). Many people tend to underestimate just how expensive food can be and the toll it can take on an unsteady budget.  

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