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Oct 072015

Top Tips from the Debt Free

Posted on October 07, 2015 Uncategorized

1. Learn Your Habits and Don’t be Tempted Knowledge of yourself is important. Understand the difference between bad debt like luxury automobiles and good debt like home mortgage. When planning for repayment of large debt numbers, examine your own spending patterns. A little bit of self-reflection can help you spot your own weaknesses. Identify non-essential spending trends and limit them so that these extras become real treats. Every dollar saved will empower you to tackle large debt. 2. Fight High-Interest There are three common schools of thought when it comes to attacking debt. Some would argue to pay down the

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Sep 302015

The Perks of a Personal Loan

Posted on September 30, 2015 Group A, Group A

Everyone needs some extra cash once in awhile. Let’s explore the benefits of getting a personal loan. 1. Quick and Simple When you are in need of funds, you probably need that money fast. At Polam Federal Credit Union, many people are approved within an hour and most will be approved within a day. 2. Competitive Rates with Lower Minimum Payments Personal loan rates that will beat out the high-interest credit card in your wallet and any product available at a payday loan company. Personal loans are always great for paying down other debts because the required payments are easier

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