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Jul 092015

Creating Secure, Easy to Remember Passwords

Posted on July 09, 2015 Group A

  Passwords have been in use long before internet banking, social media, or the age of the internet all together. During prohibition, speakeasy doormen required a person to speak a certain phrase before entering their establishment. Overtime, passwords have become even more crucial in our day-to-day functions. Whether you are making online purchases, emailing a friend, or banking online you are required to have a password that is unique to your account but also memorable. The biggest challenge we face today is creating a password complex enough to elude hackers but easy enough to remember. In order to ensure your

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Jun 302015

Polam Profiles: Mark Chrzanowski – CEO

Posted on June 30, 2015 Group A

As caretaker of a Federal Credit Union like Polam, Mark Chrzanowski helps to make positive change in people’s lives. Mark has held the position of CEO of Polam FCU for eight years. His hobbies include trap shooting and spending time with his family. “Part of the attraction of trap shooting is the mechanics and physics involved; this makes the sport fascinating.” We talked with Mark about his favorite travel destination. “Hong Kong has been the most interesting place I’ve travelled. From the people, to the sounds, to the architecture, food and culture; it is all exotic and amazing.” Next, we

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