Jul 222019

Building a Business With a Credit Union

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The United States is known around the world as the land of opportunity, and in turn, many people use that opportunity to start a small business, and many move to this country with a business in mind as well. About 27 million Americans run or own their own small business, and because of this, loans and financing are in strong demand. Starting out with a loan is the best way to get your business off the ground, and there’s no better financial institution than a credit union like Polam FCU to get approved.


If you already belong to our credit union, you likely know that you’re not just a customer – as a member, you have part ownership in our financial institution. Here are a few of the reasons you should visit one of our branches and sit down with one of our loan officers to find funding for your new small business, and the benefits you’ll gain from it.


  • Loan approval on a local and more personal level. Polam FCU is well known for our involvement and relationship with the community they serve – specifically the Polish-American community in the Bay Area – and because of this involvement, we understand the best interests of our members. As of 2014, small business growth was responsible for adding 1.4 million new jobs, according to the U.S. Small Business Administration. We know that offering financing options for small, local businesses will be a benefit for the community and the local economy, so we have an interest in approving these loans for qualified members.
  • You’ll pay lower rates and fewer fees.  At Polam FCU, our members aren’t merely customers – they’re part-owners in our not-for-profit financial institution. As such, they’re not beholden to shareholders who are interested in profiting on their investments, and revenue is returned to members in forms such as lower fees and better interest rates. Our business loans, checking and savings accounts, credit cards, and certificates of deposit (CDs) offer lower rates and better options than those of big banks.
  • A personalized experience catered to your needs. At Polam FCU, we believe in building a better banking experience, and part of that is giving you personalized service that is supportive to your needs. By serving our Polish-American community in the Bay Area, we take the extra step in understanding the financial goals of our members, and we work to help them achieve their goals as business owners, both large and small. Visit one of our branches and our lending specialists will get you started on the approval process and walk you through the various loans and services we offer for business owners.