Aug 292017

CardValet – The Finance App That Will Change the Way You Spend and Save

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When it comes to your finances, it’s always a positive when you have a convenient and simplistic way of keeping track of your spending, your budget, your bills, and most importantly, your safety and security. Polam FCU values keeping our members happy as well as worry-free, and CardValet is here to help with that.


CardValet® by Fiserv gives its users the ability to fight debit and credit card fraud by enabling customizable real-time alerts. The app lets you set preferences and alerts so you can both detect and help prevent fraudulent activity. It’s easy to get started – cardholders can download the app to their preferred mobile devices, and from there, they can customize settings and alert preferences.


There are four unique benefits from CardValet® by Fiserv that makes it stand out from other financial apps, to help you feel safe and in control of your money and security.


  • Fraud protection: Real-time alerts will keep you aware of whenever your debit or credit card has been used, and transaction controls can make it so your card can only be used in a certain geographical radius. The on/off setting on the app is key; when the card is “on,” transactions can be made in alignment with each cardholder’s usage control settings. When it’s “off,” no withdrawals or purchases can be completed.


  • Control your spending: CardValet makes it easy to set spending limits for everyday use so your budget is easier to manage, as well as establish controls over your card by location. These spending limits can allow transactions up to a specific dollar amount, and they can be declined if they go over that limit. Users can also specify thresholds by business and transaction types, such as retail stores, gas, or groceries.


  • Review balances and transactions: Users can modify their finances and financial preferences at any time and in any region using the CardValet app. You can also check your balance, and review recent card transactions.  Specific transactions can also be monitored, such as online transactions, in-store purchases, mail or phone orders, and ATM transactions.


  • Business transactions: Transaction controls can be utilized for merchant codes, transaction types, and locations to make sure employee spending remains in line with company policy.


With more and more mobile technology being released to help manage both personal and business-related finances and financial security, CardValet® by Fiserv is ahead of the game with its multilayered fraud protection features and spending controls. Polam FCU’s mission is to keep our members comfortable and in control of their money, and this is the perfect app for that.