Aug 152018

Easy Ways to Teach Your Child About Money

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  When it comes to your children, you want only the best for their future. While talking about money with your children may seem premature, doing so in an age-appropriate manner can be useful and educational. Money management skills are best learned young so one can make better financial choices as they get older.   Preparing for adulthood is never easy, and it’s even less easy if you go into adulthood not knowing anything about money. Instead of worrying about your child growing up with financial trouble, teaching them young about the basics is a great way to alleviate that

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Aug 072018

4 Tips for Boosting Your Credit Score

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  When it comes to boosting your credit score, it takes more than a quick overnight fix. The process of improving your credit score entails a number of elements, including keeping up with on-time payments, monitoring your credit score, and making sure you’re not overspending. Considering the fact that your credit score can affect anything from interest rates, approvals on loans, or renting / buying a home, it’s vital to make sure it consistently stays above 600, at the very least.   At Polam FCU, we are here to help you make the financial decisions that best suit your budget

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Aug 012018

Choosing Between Renting and Buying

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  It’s one of the most common tropes in this country – the “American Dream.” For millions of Americans, that dream entails stability and comfort: getting married and having a family, having a stable and well-paying job, and owning a home. But for millions of other Americans, owning property, whether it’s a smaller condo or larger home with a backyard, is not ideal for a variety of reasons.   According to RealyTrac, between 2007 and 2014, roughly 7.3 million homeowners lost their homes due to the Great Recession. Thus, it comes as little surprise that the ownership rate has fallen

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Jul 212018

Date Night on a Budget

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  At one point or another, every adult experiences their own version of temporary economic anxiety. When those times come around, it’s normal to start cutting back on nonessential expenditures – and if you’re in a committed relationship, date nights are often one of the first cuts on the chopping block. Oftentimes it’s easy to assume date nights are going to cost a lot of money, as nice romantic restaurants can be expensive, and going to the movies can take a financial hit on your wallet.   Of course, date nights are important to keeping your relationship healthy and active,

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Jul 172018

Avoiding Identity Theft on Vacation

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  Picture this: you’re having the time of your life overseas, sightseeing and eating great food and enjoying all your vacation has to offer. And then you find out that your identity has been stolen in the midst of your travels. Quite the buzzkill, right? Even more importantly, it’s more than just a quick way to ruin your vacation – identity theft can have lasting side effects on your finances and your credit score if you don’t take immediate action.   According to the Harris Poll, more than 15 million Americans experienced identity theft in 2017, and if you’re traveling,

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Jul 102018

Ways to Stay Frugal

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  Regardless of the time of year, and regardless of your financial status, finding new and different ways to be frugal is nothing but beneficial. There are plenty of tried-and-true ways to save some extra money doing your normal day-to-day errands and chores, and at Polam FCU, we’re always on the lookout for more ways to help our members save money in any way possible.   While there’s really no limit on useful tips and tricks to save money and be frugal, here are a few of the frugal habits we think work well:   Limit dining out and/or ordering

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Jun 272018

Saving For A Rainy Day

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  When it comes to one of those last-minute emergencies, one may find themselves at odds when it comes to funds and savings. An emergency savings account can help alleviate any concerns one might have regarding medical bills, automotive issues, and even unemployment. This saving account is essential to your financial health, as it provides a buffer against your everyday bills.   Here are a few ways to plan ahead for a “rainy day”   Create an emergency fund. An emergency fund is a savings account that’s available for a ‘rainy day’ – which can help you cover a multitude

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Jun 202018

Buying a Car – How to Get Started

Posted on June 20, 2018 Uncategorized

    When it comes to buying a car, you’ve got a lot to consider financially. It’s always fun to mull over what kind of car you want, including its color, safety, and features, but it’s also important to acknowledge the financial decisions that come into play when making a new automobile purchase.   With a summer of road trips ahead of you, here are a few important points to consider before heading to the nearest auto mall.   Check your credit score. Before you start your journey into car ownership, it’s incredibly important to ensure your credit score is

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Jun 112018

Money Tips for Traveling Abroad

Posted on June 11, 2018 Uncategorized

  Everyone has a checklist they follow when planning an overseas vacation: buy plane tickets, set up itineraries, packing your bags with everything you’ll need. For most travelers, setting up a budget before taking off is also a priority on their checklist. Along with being in a country with a different native language with a different cuisine and different customs, you’re going to experience financial changes as well.   Before you leave, make sure you go through this list of smart money tips that will make your overseas vacation less financially stressful, so you can have a great time and

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Jun 062018

Saving Money While Grocery Shopping

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  Grocery shopping is essential for any household, whether you’re single or if you have a family, and sometimes a trip to the market can be overwhelming as prices continue to rise. According to the Consumer Price Index, grocery prices are estimated to go up between one and two percent in 2018. While this can seem troubling, there are ways you can alleviate your shopping concerns, and they’re simple tips that apply to any financial situation at any time.   If you’re looking for different ways to find the best deals while grocery shopping, check out a few of these

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