Jan 172022

Building a Monthly Budget

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    As anyone who lives on their own or with a partner can understand, having a monthly budget in place for your household is imperative for a healthy financial lifestyle. Creating this budget will ensure that your bills will be paid on time, as well as help you assess the funds you have for groceries, prescriptions, or other essentials. It also ensures that you can assess what you have left over after such expenditures, and give you the opportunity to decide how that money is used, whether it’s for a vacation, a bigger purchase, paying off extra debt, or

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Jan 072022

Your Children and the Internet – Keeping Them Safe

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      When it comes to accessing the internet, having a seemingly endless stream of information and content can be both powerful and useful. However, as a famous superhero once said, with great power comes great responsibility, and as a parent, it’s your responsibility to ensure your minor children are using the internet safely. With each year, online technology becomes more and more advanced, enabling hackers, scammers, and predators to take advantage of innocent users behind a screen. Teaching your child, the many ways they can stay safe will only serve to benefit them as they reach adulthood.  

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Jan 022022

Reflecting Back on Your 2021 Financial Goals

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  Ask anyone – when you think about New Year’s resolutions, improving your finances and money management is always on the top of the list. Perhaps you had a particularly successful 2021, or maybe this year knocked you down a few pegs when it came to your bank balance. Regardless of your current status, there are boundless ways you can incorporate financial improvement into your resolutions for 2022. However, there’s no quick fix or simple solution that will magically make your financial resolutions come to fruition. These resolutions are goals – both big and little – as you develop the

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Dec 272021

Enrolling In E-Statements

Posted on December 27, 2021 Uncategorized

  If you’re constantly dealing with junk mail in your home’s mailbox, you’re certainly not alone. Many people who receive banking and financial information in the mail are hesitant to throw it away for security reasons, even though it can accumulate and add clutter to your home. Fortunately, there’s a solution for this unique problem – enrolling in e-statements. When you choose this paper-free option, your credit union statements go to your inbox and your online banking account, rather than you receiving a paper copy of your statements in your mailbox.   Why should you enroll in e-statements? Here are

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Dec 182021

3 Tips on Paying Down Credit Card Debt Faster

Posted on December 18, 2021 Uncategorized

  For anyone who’s ever had a credit card, especially more than one credit card, we all know that making monthly payments can feel like a futile operation. However, it certainly isn’t, as making (at the very least) minimum on-time monthly payments is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining or improving your credit score, even if it just feels like you’re chipping away at it. Owning a credit card can be highly beneficial, as you’re able to borrow and make payments each month on what you borrow; if you to make an emergency purchase, for instance, and don’t have

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Dec 132021

Staying Safe While Using Social Media

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    Social media plays a huge role in our society today, with billions of Facebook users, Twitter serving as a tool that can make or break reputations, and other social apps like Instagram and TikTok continuing to define our cultural landscape. However, for all the good that can come from being active on social media, there are detractors as well, as scammers have become more and more creative. As people continue to catch on to common schemes, so it’s important to be on guard for suspicious activity.   Here are a few scams to look out for, and how

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Dec 072021

Applying for a Business Credit Card

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    If you’re a business owner, you understand the importance of having your finances in order to keep your operation running strongly and smoothly. Whether you have a long-running, thriving business, or you’re in the midst of a startup, having a business credit card can be a strong asset in keeping your business expenses separate from your personal expenses. Having a business credit card also allows for flexibility in spending that you might not have if you’re simply managing your expenses from a checking account.   If you’re giving thought to applying for a business credit card, here are

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Nov 252021

Online Banking – A Quick Guide to Simplifying Your Finances

Posted on November 25, 2021 Uncategorized

    For some people, online banking is second nature when it comes to their finances; with just about every financial institution having their own app, it’s incredibly easy to take care of your bills and bank accounts with a few finger taps. But for those who are used to a more “old school” way of managing their money, online banking can come off as unsecured and difficult to understand.   However, many people would be surprised to know that that’s not the case. Financial technology has been booming over the last several years, and it’s getting more secure, more

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Nov 232021

Black Friday 101- How to Successfully Tackle Your Holiday Shopping

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  The official start of Christmas shopping season is almost upon us! This Friday marks Black Friday, a day in which you can clean up with great deals at retailers of all kinds. From big box stores to smaller shops, you can find great bargains almost everywhere. However, it can be a stressful experience, both for your brain and for your pocketbook.   Before embarking on your holiday shopping journey, it’s important to make a plan so you don’t overspend, and to ensure you’re choosing the perfect gifts for your friends and family. Here are a few of our tips

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Nov 122021

Budgeting and Saving as a College Student

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    For young adults, college is a place of learning – but what you learn isn’t simply limited to a classroom. Learning how to create and stick to a solid budget is one of the most important steps in becoming a full-fledged adult, and there’s no better time to start than when you’re still on your way to the working world. If you take on a job in college, understanding how much you earn every month and how you spend it is crucial in determining your financial comfort, and will help you in the future.   Here are a

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