Feb 122019

3 Tips for Planning a Creative and Budget-Friendly Wedding

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  Wedding are often magical events, for the bride and groom, for the families of the bride and groom, and your guests. Most women (and some men) have their dream wedding all planned out, and using Pinterest is a great way to collect ideas. However, according to The Knot, a wedding website, in 2017 the average cost of a wedding was $33,391, which is far over budget for many couples and their families.   If you’re looking to stay within your budget and still have a beautiful wedding, we have some creative tips to make that happen. We also encourage

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Feb 062019

3 Ways You Can Use A Home Equity Loan

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  Owning a home has multiple benefits. For one, you’re not reliant on a landlord; when it comes to your home, you’re in charge. Second, you can build equity in your home the longer you own it. That equity is available for you to when you need an extra cash flow, and can be quite useful when you’re in a situation where you need additional funds. Polam’s home equity loans are designed for that purpose, and if you’re interested in taking out a loan on your home, visit one of branches and speak to one of our loan officers.  

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Jan 282019

When Should You Remodel Your Home?

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  Many homeowners find the month of January to be the best possible time to start working on home renovations, both big and small. Whether you need replacement windows or doors, new countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, or even just creating a more functional and effective organizational system, getting started now or planning early is a popular idea in the beginning of the year.   If you’re looking to consider doing some renovations for your home this year, consider some of the following first before you start making financial plans:   Creating more effective space. When you’re building a

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Jan 212019

Financial Advice for New Parents Staying at Home

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  When you’re planning for a child, you know your life will be turned upside-down for a long time. Newborns, infants and toddlers can take up a lot of time in caring for them, as they lack many functions. Some parents have the privilege of taking maternity/paternity care, and some don’t. But regardless, there has to be a plan in place regarding whether parents will stay in the workforce, or one parent will resign from a job to stay home with the child.   There are certainly pros and cons to either situation, but with only one main source of

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Jan 112019

The Many Benefits of Banking Online

Posted on January 11, 2019 Uncategorized

  With the progression of the internet, mobile devices and mobile apps, at one point or another, modern technology was going to advance to where you could start banking and managing your accounts online, rather than having to drive to a branch to take care of your financial needs. However, roughly 34 percent of credit union members across the country either aren’t familiar with online banking, or they choose to bank in person at a branch. While it’s understandable that people who may not be used to new technological advances might be hesitant to manage their accounts virtually, it’s more

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Dec 292018

Reflecting Back On Your 2018 Financial Goals

Posted on December 29, 2018 Uncategorized

  Ask anyone – when you think about New Year’s resolutions, improving your finances and money management is always on the top of the list. Perhaps you had a particularly successful 2018, or maybe this year knocked you down a few pegs when it came to your bank balance. Regardless of your current status, there are boundless ways you can incorporate financial improvement into your resolutions for 2019.   However, there’s no quick fix or simple solution that will magically make your financial resolutions come to fruition. These resolutions are goals – both big and little – as you develop

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Dec 192018

4 Tips For First Time Car Buyers

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    That feeling you get when you buy your first car? That feeling is freedom; the freedom to get where you’re going and take to the open road. Considering how many cities in this country lack mass transit, owning a car can be a lifesaver for anyone who needs to get to work, to get to their doctor or pharmacy, or to visit family and friends. That’s what you get when you buy your first car – a newfound sense of freedom.   However, if you’re looking to take out an auto loan through one of our loan officers,

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Dec 122018

3 Tips For A Happy Retirement

Posted on December 12, 2018 Uncategorized

  Ah, retirement. That wonderful time in your golden years where you can revel in your career successes, enjoy being an empty-nester, and travel as you please. Saving for retirement is something every working person knows about – and they know the sooner you start saving, the better. However, adjusting from the working life to the retirement life can be a bit of a challenge for some, as transitioning from a set work schedule to a more laid-back life can be complicated. As well, married couples of retirement age need to communicate as to what retirement means to them, both

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Dec 042018

3 Tips on Paying Down Credit Card Debt Faster

Posted on December 04, 2018 Uncategorized

  For anyone who’s ever had a credit card, especially more than one credit card, we all know that making monthly payments can feel like a futile operation. However, it certainly isn’t, as making (at the very least) minimum on-time monthly payments is incredibly important when it comes to maintaining or improving your credit score, even if it just feels like you’re chipping away at it. Owning a credit card can be highly beneficial, as you’re able to borrow and make payments each month on what you borrow; if you to make an emergency purchase, for instance, and don’t have

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Nov 282018

Budgeting Tips To Keep You On Track For The Holidays

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  The holiday season is well known for being a merry, happy and festive time for Americans. Whether you’re sharing the holiday with friends or family (or both), Christmas season and Christmas Day itself is universally recognized as a time of giving gifts to your loved ones. However, while shopping for the perfect gift may be an exciting experience for some, it can also potentially lead to overspending if one doesn’t have a clear budget lined out for their shopping and gift giving.   Keeping a budget year-round is important, but during a time where your spending may increase, it’s

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