Nov 012019

College Students and Credit Unions – Why They’re A Great Choice

Posted on November 01, 2019 Uncategorized


As a young adult entering college for the first time, you’ve already got quite a bit on your plate. Whether it’s registering for classes, setting up room and board, buying books for your courses, or just simply getting to know your campus, you may feel overwhelmed – and when you add financial stress to it all, it can be a little crazy. Finding the right financial institution to get you through your college years might seem daunting, but it’s not as difficult as it may seem.


If you’re a college student, you might find that banking through a credit union is the best choice as it looks after your interests. Here are a few reasons why college students are more readily choosing credit unions as their financial institution:


We offer security and safety.  Many people are unfamiliar with credit unions and choose big banks to manage their money, as they give an appearance of safety due to their multinational reach. However, working with a credit union provides the same kind of safety and more – when you join a credit union, we have your interests in mine as you’re not a customer but actually a member.


We’re a not-for-profit financial institution.  Nowadays, college students and young people in Generation Z have shown interest in eschewing large corporations in favor of nonprofit institutions. Banking at a credit union fulfills that interest; Polam is a not-for-profit financial institution and you’re not just a member, you’re a part owner, and we make decisions based on your interests, not independent stockholders.


We offer lower fees than big banks.  When you manage your money through a big bank, you often find yourself bogged down with excessive fees, including but not limited to fees for checking accounts and overdrafts. Our credit cards and savings programs offer low fees that can accommodate any budget.


We’ve got unprecedented member service.  Because you’re a member and not a customer, we have your best interests in mind when we work with you. Big banks with hundreds of thousands of customers just aren’t able to offer the same kind of service we can. We have a friendly team at each of our branches that can help you with whatever you need. We also offer online banking and a mobile app so you can manage your money from anywhere at any time.