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Creating Secure, Easy to Remember Passwords

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Creating Secure, Easy to Remember Passwords


Passwords have been in use long before internet banking, social media, or the age of the internet all together. During prohibition, speakeasy doormen required a person to speak a certain phrase before entering their establishment. Overtime, passwords have become even more crucial in our day-to-day functions. Whether you are making online purchases, emailing a friend, or banking online you are required to have a password that is unique to your account but also memorable.

The biggest challenge we face today is creating a password complex enough to elude hackers but easy enough to remember. In order to ensure your security is as strong as possible we have provided some tips on how to create effective yet memorable passwords.

Password Don’ts:

  • It is highly recommended that you avoid using the names of your children, relatives, or favorite sports teams. You may also want to stay away from birth dates or anniversary dates.

  • Do not leave your passwords out for people to see. You may consider writing down your passwords and keeping them in a safe or saving them in an encrypted file.

  • Stay away from using the same passwords for multiple sites. In particular, do not use the same login credentials for different financial institutes as it could put all of your finances at risk.

  • Lastly, never use information you have posted on social media as your password phase. In example, the most recent places you have traveled.

Password Do’s:

  • Visa® recommends creating a password between six and 32 characters.

  • Use a mix of upper and lower case lettering along with special characters (example: # or *) and numerical digits.

  • Any easy way to remember your password is to take a phase you find easy to remember and type it backwards such as YaDnoM for Monday.

  • You could also create an acronym for an even longer phrase such as iL2Fly for “I love to fly.”

  • Once you have found a strong password add a special character at the end or the first few letters of the site you are entering to make it even stronger.