Nov 072019

Creative Gift Ideas for Your Parents

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Christmas is just around the corner, which means one of many things – shopping for your family, friends, co-workers, neighbors, or anyone you desire. Some people like to go the retail route and shop at department stores or boutiques; some people want to go more personal with handmade gifts, baked goods and snacks; and some choose to give gift cards as Christmas gifts. Whatever your preference may be, there’s no wrong way to give during the holiday season.


For many people, their parents are some of the most important people in their lives, and they want to give them just the right gift. Here are a few ideas regarding giving creative Christmas gifts to your mom and dad:


Providing gifts of “service”.  If you’re still living with your family or live in their general vicinity, gifts of service can show a great deal of love. Your mom and dad are likely getting older, perhaps of retirement age, and gifts such as “coupons” can be a big help. These coupons can include anything from taking out trash, helping with dishes and emptying the dishwasher, performing yard work or maintenance, or doing a load or two of laundry.


Giving the “gift of time”.  If you know your mom and dad have a certain hobby or like doing certain activities, such as fishing, cooking, gardening, and so on, why not gift them with your time? Taking the time to enjoy their company while engaging in their hobbies can be a wonderful and thoughtful gift.


Take advantage of your creative skills and go the handmade route.  Creating something by hand can be relatively inexpensive and sometimes even free. Do you have a talent for knitting or crocheting? Make them a scarf, blanket, or throw pillow. Are you a natural artist? Draw them a picture – perhaps a portrait of them – or paint them something aesthetically pleasing. Do you have a knack for writing? A sentimental poem will light up their Christmas morning. Regardless of your skill set, your mom and dad will embrace whatever you choose to make them.


When all else fails, go the retail route.  Some people just like to shop for gifts, and many actually enjoy the experience; it’s not uncommon for people to make a tradition of early Black Friday shopping. If you’re at the mall or another retailer and find something you know they’d love, why not buy it and wrap it up for them? Even if it’s something small – an engraved trinket, a box of fancy chocolates – the thought will always matter.