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Date Night on a Budget

Posted on July 21, 2018 Uncategorized

Date Night on a Budget


At one point or another, every adult experiences their own version of temporary economic anxiety. When those times come around, it’s normal to start cutting back on nonessential expenditures – and if you’re in a committed relationship, date nights are often one of the first cuts on the chopping block. Oftentimes it’s easy to assume date nights are going to cost a lot of money, as nice romantic restaurants can be expensive, and going to the movies can take a financial hit on your wallet.


Of course, date nights are important to keeping your relationship healthy and active, and can be a comforting constant for you and your partner. Having a weekly date night on a budget isn’t impossible – here are a few ways to make it work.


  • Make your home the perfect date night destination. Having an at-home date night immediately cuts out several expenditures, such as gas for your car if you’re driving (or Uber/Lyft if you’re not), tips for servers, babysitters, and so forth. Making your home a “destination” for your date nights will save you money, and you can get really creative with it. Once you’ve got the kids tucked into bed, you’ve got all kinds of options: watching a movie on Netflix, cooking a meal together, or even having a living room picnic with a bottle of wine and a cheese plate.


  • Check your city’s calendar for free events. In the Bay Area, it’s not hard to find free events in various cities around the peninsula. Whether it’s free concerts in the park, outdoor street fairs, or museums that offer free or discounted admission, there are lots of creative ways to enjoy a night out.


  • Enjoy the great outdoors. Northern California, and especially the Bay Area, is a gold mine for fans of the outdoors. So why not take a night with your partner to experience it? Whether it’s the beaches of Half Moon Bay or even a round of mini golf with city lights twinkling above, you’ve got an inexpensive date night in your hands with the great outdoors.