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Managing Your Easter Budget

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Managing Your Easter Budget


Easter Sunday is on April 1, and every spring, it feels like this joyful holiday comes sooner and sooner. Whether you’re having an Easter egg hunt, attending church services, hosting a big dinner, or simply staying in with close family, this holiday has its added expenses. Because it’s a less “showy” holiday (as opposed to Christmas, Thanksgiving and Halloween], you may not realize the added expenses Easter can bring to your budget.


In preparation for Easter, we’ve compiled some helpful tips when it comes to keeping your budget under control for the holiday. Here are some of them:


  • Make your own treats and sweets. Bakery cakes and handcrafted chocolate treats can add up – buying an Easter cake from a bakery or store can cost you $20 or more. Instead of spending the extra money for a custom cake, why not make your own? Cake mix can run between $2-3 a box, and you can find a bevy of cake recipes and designs on social media.


  • Fun for the kids – expand your horizons. Hosting an Easter egg hunt is lots of fun for kids, but it can add frivolous expenses to your budget when you have to buy eggs and sweets. Check out some of the community and church events to see if they’re hosting Easter festivities – you’ll be surprised what you’ll find.


  • Create your own Easter feast. Easter brunches at nice restaurants are tempting – just look at the popularization of brunch on a whole. They give you one less task to manage on your joyous holiday. However, dining out on holidays can be even more expensive than usual. Making your own Easter dinner at home will save you money, and shopping sales prior to the holiday will help you create a feast your whole family will love.


Save money by skipping an egg decoration kit. If you like to decorate Easter eggs, you might be tempted to pick up a kit to create interesting designs and color patterns for your eggs. However, you can skip that expense by doing it the old-fashioned way, with vinegar, water and food coloring, all of which you may already have at home.