Jan 102018

Owning a Dog – What Costs to Expect

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Dogs are commonly known as “man’s best friend” – and few would dispute that notion. Adopting a four-legged friend into your family is one of the best things you can do for the critter you welcome into your home, and having a dog can also be incredibly therapeutic. Winter is often a popular time to adopt, because the chilly weather can leave people wanting to bring home a warm, cuddly puppy.


However, as we all know, adopting a dog can add a number of expenses to your budget. Some of these costs are pretty obvious, whereas some are lesser known. Here are a few things you should know before giving a dog a forever home with you and yours.


  • Adoption or breeder fees. If you choose to go to a breeder for your dog, you’re likely to pay significantly more money, as most breeders start adopting out at around $400. A more affordable – and often more humane – option is to adopt from a shelter or rescue. Shelter fees vary, but you’ll find yourself saving money going that route.


  • Healthcare – short and long term. Some shelters only adopt out dogs that have already been spayed or neutered, and some dogs in shelters are already in their initial vaccination rounds. However, healthcare for your dog will be an ongoing cost, and it’s important to find a veterinarian you trust and who you can afford, and perhaps even discuss payment plans for more expensive visits.


  • Various supplies for your puppy’s everyday life. Pet stores exist for a reason – there are lots of supplies that dogs need in their day-to-day lives, and supplies that simply make your life easier. You’ll need the essentials – food, treats, collar, leash, food and water dishes, crate – and a few inexpensive toys will definitely make your dog’s life a happier life. Just be cautious when it comes to more frivolous items for your dog – some of the more elaborate dog toys can come with sticker shock.