Jun 222015

Polam Profiles: Mike Davis – Community Partner

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Mike Davis is the president and founder of NorCal Blitz Softball Organization. NorCal Blitz was founded 4 years ago to fulfill a need for a San Mateo softball league. “Some athletes were traveling hours away and paying upwards of $3200 per person, per season.” Mike said, “We were able to create a local league program that costs less than $1000 per player.” 80 tournaments from spring through fall allow local athletes exposure to competitive softball. “The impact of NorCal Blitz is much more than to just provide a program for our young players to go. These girls go on to college and they return and often they become pillars of our community. Our program helps girls to develop confidence, self-esteem and leadership skills.” Next, we asked Mike to talk about his group’s partnership with Polam.

During his initial season of NorCal Blitz, Mike opened an account with Polam Federal Credit Union for his new non-profit organization. In the years to follow Polam has been supportive of the NorCal Blitz organization through donations but one interaction stands out as representative of the Polam difference. One day Mike had his car stolen while full of softball equipment. “I told Mark at Polam about the loss and he immediately offered to cover the lost equipment without hesitation.” Mike continued, “Polam is not just here to hold your money, when you’re at Polam it’s like you’re at home. Everybody here knows your name and genuinely cares like you’re family.”

You can find out more about NorCal Blitz by visiting www.norcalblitz.com.