Aug 242015

Polam Profiles: Veronica Fitzsimmons – Loan Officer

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Meet Veronica Fitzsimmons. Veronica has worked as a loan officer for Polam FCU for one and a half years. Veronica’s favorite hobby is basketball which she plays all the time. While she’s not watching the Golden State Warriors as a die-hard fan, Veronica loves to spend time singing along with the Disney’s Frozen Soundtrack or catching a couple Law and Order episodes. When asked what her favorite travel destination Veronica said “My favorite place was the Philippines for sure. I love their sweet tofu and brown sugar snack- Taho.” Next we spoke with Veronica about her career at Polam.

“Honesty goes a long way” says Veronica while reflecting on her lessons at Polam. Honesty as a guiding principle allows for building healthy and strong relationships with each of our members. Veronica gave us one simple reason to become a member of Polam FCU, “Awesome customer service. I invite people to join Polam to experience first-hand the difference in the way that Polam carefully caters to each member’s specific needs.”

Lastly and just for fun we asked Veronica which superpower she would pick if she could become super-powered. Veronica chose the ability to read people’s’ minds. We are certain that she would use that power only for good and it would allow her to provide an even greater level of customer service for all Polam FCU members.

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