Jun 052019

Saving Money in College – 4 Tips

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If there’s one thing most people in this country understand, it’s that higher education in the United States is far from inexpensive. When you calculate the cost of tuition, boarding, books, and everyday amenities, it can all add up. While taking out student loans and applying for Polam’s personal loans can help cover the big stuff, there are still a lot of factors to consider when you’re a college student.


Also, one of the best ways to cut down on college costs is to plan ahead – starting in high school. If your children are interested in college after their senior year, you can give them a head start with some of these ideas.


  • Consider enrolling in a community college for your introductory courses.  One of the biggest ways one can save money while in college is to consider options beyond simply attending a four-year school right away. There are thousands of community colleges all over the United States, the majority of which are designed to help students transfer to an accredited four-year university at a fraction of the price. Taking introductory courses – English, math, science, et al – at one of these less expensive community colleges can save you money, allowing you to focus on the coursework for your major once you’ve transferred.


  • Look into scholarships after you’re already enrolled.  While it’s commonplace to see high school seniors earn scholarship money before they’ve enrolled in their freshman classes, students who are currently in college can still apply for scholarships, depending on their qualifications. Depending on your gender, major, race, ethnicity, or active interests, you might be able to find a scholarship to help you earn your degree with less financial stress.


  • Take advantage of your student ID and look for discounts.  If you live in a college town, odds are you’re going to find a lot of businesses that offer student discounts. There are hundreds of major chains and businesses that offer these discounts, which include movie theaters, restaurants, clothing stores, and more. Student discounts are often offered with subscriptions to media publications, which, depending on your major, can be helpful with research. And if you’re a student who drives, shop around for auto insurance, as a number of providers also offer student discounts.


  • Visit one of Polam FCU’s branches and ask about our personal loans.  If you’re looking to pay for your tuition with a loan, consider applying for one of Polam’s personal loans instead of going to a big bank or lender. Our team of loan officers can help you borrow money with us to help you in your college journey, without being beholden to excessive interest rates and fees.