Jun 062018

Saving Money While Grocery Shopping

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Saving Money While Grocery Shopping


Grocery shopping is essential for any household, whether you’re single or if you have a family, and sometimes a trip to the market can be overwhelming as prices continue to rise. According to the Consumer Price Index, grocery prices are estimated to go up between one and two percent in 2018. While this can seem troubling, there are ways you can alleviate your shopping concerns, and they’re simple tips that apply to any financial situation at any time.


If you’re looking for different ways to find the best deals while grocery shopping, check out a few of these tips to get started.


Make a price book to keep track of costs. When it comes to bargain shopping, you might find yourself hitting up various grocery stores to find the best deals. In the process, you can keep a log of how much you pay for items you buy on a regular basis. This will keep you on the ball when it comes to great deals by store, and you’ll be able to ascertain when things are overpriced.


Make meal plans based on what’s on sale. For many, being creative with various ingredients can be seen as a fun challenge. And even if you’re not the next MasterChef, it’s not hard to look at various food items that are on sale and whip up an easy lunch or dinner. A good start is to look for deals on proteins, such as meat and seafood, as they’ll cost more than dry or nonperishable goods. From there, check out dry goods and side dish items that are also on sale to put together a well-rounded meal.


Find stores with the best values and become a regular. If you find you’re saving 50 cents on produce, butter, eggs, or any number of items at a grocery store, wouldn’t you want to keep shopping there? Use your price book to keep track of where you’re getting the best deals and stay loyal to those markets.


Take advantage of technology to compare prices. Not only can you view prices and sales on websites for grocery stores, some sites, such as the site for WinCo, allow you to make your own grocery list to check off items as you go. However, websites and apps such as Deals for Meals can help you find your best local sales.