Aug 172015

Social Media in the Job Market. Friend or Foe?

Posted on August 17, 2015 Uncategorized

Whether you are an experienced professional or a college graduate looking for their first job you have more than likely asked yourself one familiar question. Can social media impact the decision of me being hired? The ugly truth is, social media does offer opportunities for qualified candidates to be overlooked for positions, especially in the competitiveness of the current job market we are experiencing. That being said, social media can also help to deliver your skill sets in a way that a standard resume cannot.

We have put together a few tips for you to consider when entering the job market:

Double and Triple Scrub Your Social Media Profiles – The first place to start is with your existing social media profiles. Consider the best way to use each of these profiles. If seeking a position that requires public speaking or sales consider switching your YouTube channel to showcase your abilities within these scenarios. Since Facebook has such a high user ranking you should pay special attention to this social platform. Review and scrub all content and photos currently on your page. It’s sometimes best to leave your college days at the university. Consider using Facebook to showcase your personality and how you have built a community of solid relationships both personal and business.

Spellcheck…Spellcheck…Spellcheck – This may seem like an obvious thing to do; however, the majority of people using social media interact using shortened words or language. This is especially important when using professional platforms such as LinkedIn. While many employers understand that spelling errors occur (we are all human), they may see this as a weakness in areas such as ‘attention to detail.’

Complaints about Current Employer or Peers – We have all had bad days in the office. It is important that you shy away from conveying these stresses to your audience when directed towards an individual or company. It is amazing how small the world is when seeking employment within the same industry. The alternative to this is using social platforms to discuss your success in college or your current position. This can go a long way with employers.

Get With the Program and Create a Social Presence – We live in an era that feeds on the strength of your social presence. It has almost come to a point where companies may wonder why you do not have at least one social profile. What are you hiding? This is a question that may at least run through the mind of a hiring manager. If you are not comfortable with having your life portrayed all over the internet then LinkedIn would be a great place to start and stop. LinkedIn helps to build a professional profile that can be promoted through your resume. For those of you that have multiple social feeds start considering ways to increase your name’s SEO (Search Engine Optimization). What does this mean? Do a web search of your name and see what comes up. Using services such as can increase your name’s ranking and help employers find you.


It is important to understand the role that social media plays in the job market. Use these platforms to your advantage. These small changes could just help set you apart from the competition.