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The Many Benefits of Banking Online

Posted on January 11, 2019 Uncategorized

The Many Benefits of Banking Online


With the progression of the internet, mobile devices and mobile apps, at one point or another, modern technology was going to advance to where you could start banking and managing your accounts online, rather than having to drive to a branch to take care of your financial needs. However, roughly 34 percent of credit union members across the country either aren’t familiar with online banking, or they choose to bank in person at a branch. While it’s understandable that people who may not be used to new technological advances might be hesitant to manage their accounts virtually, it’s more secure than ever to bank online via your credit union’s website or through a mobile app.


Not only has it gotten as safe and secure as it’s ever been, online and mobile banking offers quite a bit of convenience to members who live busy lifestyles or have full-time jobs. If you’re curious as to how online and mobile banking can benefit and streamline your life better, check out some of the features you’ll find with our website and mobile app:


  • See your account activity and history, and set up custom alerts. It’s true that many people still manually balance a checkbook as a point of personal preference, but when you bank online, you don’t have to do that math – when you log in, your account activity and history will display on screen for you assess every day and budget accordingly. As well, you can set up custom alerts letting you know when your balance is low, or when a transaction is posted to your account.


  • Make deposits, transfer funds, and pay your bills. No longer do you need to visit a branch or ATM to deposit checks when you’re on the go – with our mobile app, you can simply take a picture of your endorsed check and it’ll deposit directly into your account. As well, you can set up bill pay online so you never miss or have a late payment.


  • Feel at ease with the safety and security of banking online. It’s completely normal to have concern over your accounts when banking online. However, CardValet is an app utilized by many of our credit union members, and it features quite a few benefits – especially those that keep your funds safe. You can set up a specific geographical radius in which your card can only be used; you can set up real-time alerts to let you know when your card has been used; and you can also set up controls over when the card can be used and when it cannot be used.