Sep 302015

The Perks of a Personal Loan

Posted on September 30, 2015 Uncategorized

Everyone needs some extra cash once in awhile. Let’s explore the benefits of getting a personal loan.

1. Quick and Simple

When you are in need of funds, you probably need that money fast. At Polam Federal Credit Union, many people are approved within an hour and most will be approved within a day.

2. Competitive Rates with Lower Minimum Payments

Personal loan rates that will beat out the high-interest credit card in your wallet and any product available at a payday loan company. Personal loans are always great for paying down other debts because the required payments are easier to handle than many other loan products.

3. Freedom

Personal loans give you the freedom of multi-purpose spending. Compared to car, student, or home loans, which are restricted to specific use, personal loans grant you the flexibility to address any expense from medical and travel, to financing a vacation or wedding.

This is just a brief tour of the benefits of personal loans. The personal loan is a valuable tool that can help you tackle those big bills, eliminate your high interest debt and even help build your overall wealth. Use this knowledge to go forth and take charge of your finances.

To see the personal loan options that we can assemble just for you, contact Polam Federal Credit Union today.