Jan 282019

When Should You Remodel Your Home?

Posted on January 28, 2019 Uncategorized

When Should You Remodel Your Home?


Many homeowners find the month of January to be the best possible time to start working on home renovations, both big and small. Whether you need replacement windows or doors, new countertops in your bathroom or kitchen, or even just creating a more functional and effective organizational system, getting started now or planning early is a popular idea in the beginning of the year.


If you’re looking to consider doing some renovations for your home this year, consider some of the following first before you start making financial plans:


  • Creating more effective space. When you’re building a family, most homeowners choose a house that they can grow into; one with plenty of space for children to come. However, children grow up fast and sometimes head off to college, leaving you with more empty space than usual. Instead of building on to your current home, take advantage of this new empty space and alter it to fit what you need.


  • Going the efficient route. Check out your current appliances and see what tends to need more work, and what might drive up your bills. For example: if you have to fix your stove more than you use it, look into a replacement. There are plenty of new, sleeker, state-of-the-art appliances that will not only make your daily household activities more efficient, they’ll also give your home a modern feel.


  • Increasing the return on your investment. There might come a day when you decide to sell your home and move somewhere new. When it comes to selling your home, renovating your kitchen or bathroom, updating essential appliances, installing new replacement windows, replacing flooring, and so forth, a home that looks refreshed and new will increase the return on your investment tenfold.


  • Making your home disability-friendly. If you have a family member living in your home who has a physical disability, you know the importance of providing more than reasonable accomodations. There are lots to consider here. Do you have a multi-story home? Do you want to install a ramp? Both interior and exterior updates have to be considered as well as all external space in your home if you need to accommodate a disabled family member.