Choosing Your Ideal Neighborhood as a Homeowner

If you’re a homeowner, you know this to be true: When looking for a home to buy, you’re not just choosing a house — you’re also choosing a neighborhood. The location of your future home plays an important role in your home buying experience; for example, if you have children that attend public school, where you live plays a role in where they are educated. Many people don’t own a car and need a neighborhood with a high walkability score, as well as access to mass transit. Crime rates and safety scores also play a role in the home buying process.

Here are a few items to keep on your checklist as you prepare to buy a home:

What’s your lifestyle like? 

Every person has their own unique style, and where you choose to live should ideally reflect your lifestyle. If you have children in public school, you should look into which schools they would attend based on where you buy a home. If you’re young and enjoy nightlife or simply being social, living in a downtown or city center setting might be ideal. Or, conversely, if you like peace and quiet, you could look into homes that are off the beaten path. 

Do your research on crime rates and statistics. 

Everyone deserves to feel safe in their home, and researching crime statistics before taking the plunge can literally be lifesaving. Websites such as StopCrime let you look into the crime rates in nearly any neighborhood in the United States based on address. 

Chat with local residents. 

If you’re checking out open houses or simply exploring new neighborhoods, why not make casual conversation with local residents? Take the time to visit local businesses, such as mini marts, coffee shops, or grocery stores, and make small talk with people in the neighborhood. Also, if there is a particular neighborhood you’ve got your eye on, spend some time there and see if it’s the right vibe.

Check out local dining and entertainment options. 

If you have the disposable income to enjoy nights out, you’ll want to take a gander at the dining, nightlife, and general entertainment options in your ideal neighborhood. Living close to a city center is usually the best route, but you can also find amazing restaurants and entertainment in smaller neighborhoods as well.

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