Service Fees

Fee Schedule

This Fee Schedule sets forth the fees charged by Polam CU for using various accounts and services. Fees and charges subject to change without notice.

Charges to member’s account in connection with their shares and draft program are as follows

Overdraft dishonored and returned$ 20.00
Overdraft honored fee$ 10.00
Returned item fee$ 20.00
Stop payment fee$ 10.00
Stop payment done on the day of clearing$ 15.00
Copy of statements per page$ 1.00
Copy of checks (first three are free)$ 2.00
Account closing fee$ 10.00
Reconciliation of account / Account research$ 25.00 / hour
Compliance with legal order$ 20.00
Special handling / Manual entry$ 5.00
Wire transfer fee- Domestic$ 25.00
Wire transfer fee- International$ 40.00
Change of address-unless member notifies the Credit Union$ 2.00
Written verification of account or credit rating$ 5.00
Polam Federal Credit Union teller checks$ 3.00
Money Order$ 2.00
Temporary counter checks (no charge with account opening)$ 3.00
Check orders will be charged according to printing fees
Notice of escheat$ 2.00
Dormant account fee – Checking after 6 months$ 10.00 / year
Dormant account fee – Savings after 12 months$ 10.00 / year
Collection items$ 20.00
Visa/Debit card annual fee (per card)$ 15.00
Visa/Debit replacement$ 15.00
Visa Credit Card replacement$ 15.00
Visa Credit Card annual fee$ 15.00
Western Union processing fees vary on amount being sent$ 20.00 – $ 40.00
Consumer loan application$ 40.00
Mortgage loan application$ 450.00
Title lien release$ 25.00