Finding A Summer Job for Your Teenager

With warmer weather on the horizon, that can only mean one thing – summer vacation is approaching, and your kids will be out of school for a few months. Summer camps and family vacations are common traditions, but there are other options as well for your older children to learn life skills and earn some money.

Taking on a summer job is a great way for your teenager to take full advantage of their summer vacation, as they develop skills to help ease them into adulthood. Here are a few tips on the best ways to get started.

Talk to friends and family.

When all else fails, take advantage of the people in your life to look into job leads. Your friends and family may be small business owners, franchisees, or managers, and they may be able to find open part-time positions. And even if your friends or family doesn’t have connections, they can put out feelers for anything available.

Look into seasonal jobs.

If your teenager is just looking for a job for the summer, they might want to look into jobs for businesses that are more active in the summer, or who are only open in the summer. If you live near a major tourist attraction, they’ll likely need extra hands for vacation season as there’s an increased service demand. Other businesses might also have an increased demand for workers in the summer, such as lawn care or construction businesses, which could be a great first job for your teenager.

Make a plan for your paychecks.

It’s easy to get overly excited when you receive a paycheck. For teenagers starting their first job, it can be even more exhilarating. However, the key is to saving it and not spending it right away. Making a plan for your paychecks not only keeps them from overspending, but it also teaches them a life skill that has unlimited value – the skill of managing money and creating a budget. Start by itemizing what you need to save for – school clothes or college tuition, for instance – and also budget a bit of “fun money” as well. Polam’s Savings is a great place to put aside your money, with no monthly fees and a low opening deposit, and your teenager will also have access to UChoose rewards.