At Polam Federal Credit Union we are focused on providing our members with the highest quality in service. Whether you have a general banking question or need assistance with your online banking account we are here to help.

Main Office – California

Polam FCU
770 Marshall Street
Redwood City,
CA 94063

Ph: (650) 367-8940
Fx: (650) 367-8945

Lone Tree Office – Colorado

Polam FCU
9227 E Lincoln Ave #200 Lone Tree,
CO 80124

Ph: (303) 439-2888
Fx: (303) 974-5580

New Britain Office – Connecticut

Polam FCU
55 Broad Street
New Britain,
CT 06053

Ph: (860) 223-0200
Fx: (860) 223-0202

During Business Hours
To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card or Debit Card, please call

(650) 367-8940 for California or (860) 223-0200 for Connecticut

After Business Hours
To report a lost or stolen VISA Credit Card, please call (855) 349-1394

For lost or stolen VISA Debit and ATM Cards, please call (800) 554-8969

Polam Federal Credit Union places a large focus on ensuring your financial information is protected.
We have also taken the assignment of ensuring our members are educated on how to do the same.

Below are a few tips to help safeguard your information:

  • Set up Online Banking to review your transactions regularly.
  • Always properly log out of your online banking account when you are completed with your transactions.
  • Ensure your antivirus software is up to date
  • Properly shred all financial statements before throwing away
  • Take precautions when entering information on a website you do not trust

For all incoming ACH transfers:

Polam Federal Credit Union
770 Marshall Street
Redwood City, CA 94063
ABA/Routing #: 321076292
Member’s Name
Account Number

Incoming Wires
Incoming wire transfers to Polam should be directed as follows: 128x128-pdf

Receiver Bank Information:
ABA# 311990511
ADDRESS: 6801 Parkwood Blvd., Plano TX 75024
Polam Federal Credit Union
ACCT # 321076292-005

Outgoing Wires
You will need the following information to transfer funds from your Polam account to any other financial institution within the United States.

  • Beneficiary’s Name and Account Number
  • Receiving Institution Name and Address
  • Routing Number of Receiving Institution

Outgoing wire transfers to Polam should be directed as follows: 128x128-pdf

Polam   – Western Union

Domestic and International Money Transfer 128x128-pdf

Charges to member’s account in connection with their shares and draft program are as follows
Overdraft dishonored and returned$ 25.00
Overdraft fee per each item (first five each month are free)$ 10.00
Overdraft honored fee$ 20.00
Returned item fee$ 25.00
Stop payment fee$ 15.00
Stop payment done on the day of clearing$ 20.00
Copy of statements per page$ 1.00
Copy of checks (first three are free)$ 2.00
Account closing fee$ 10.00
Reconciliation of account / Account research$ 25.00 / hour
Compliance with legal order$ 20.00
Special handling / Manual entry$ 5.00
IRA annual maintenance fee$ 20.00
Wire transfer fee- Domestic$ 30.00
Wire transfer fee- International$ 45.00
Change of address-unless member notifies the Credit Union$ 2.00
Written verification of account or credit rating$ 5.00
Polam Federal Credit Union teller checks$ 3.00
Money Order$ 2.00
Temporary counter checks (no charge with account opening)$ 3.00
Check orders will be charged according to printing fees
Notice of escheat$ 2.00
Dormant account fee – Checking after 6 months$ 10.00 / year
Dormant account fee – Savings after 12 months$ 10.00 / year
Collection items$ 20.00
Visa/Debit card annual fee (per card)$ 20.00
Visa/Debit replacement$ 20.00
Visa Credit Card replacement$ 20.00
Visa Credit Card annual fee$ 20.00
Western Union processing fees vary on amount being sent$ 20.00 – $ 45.00
Consumer loan application$ 100.00
Mortgage loan application$ 450.00
Title lien release$ 25.00

At Polam Federal Credit Union we believe an education is one of the most valuable investments you can make.

Here are some helpful links to get you started:

Federal Student Aid of FAFSA
Cal Grants
Pell Grants

For more information on how to finance your education please contact Polam Federal Credit Union at (650) 367-8940,