Achieving Your Financial Goals


Every person has different financial goals – big or small, easy to achieve or a goal that will take more time. Setting these goals is a smart way to ensure you’ll follow the right track over time, and they’re good for developing healthy financial habits. Whether you’re paying off student loans or credit card debt, saving for retirement, or saving to buy a house, having some kind of set goal is important to ensure your financial health won’t take a hit. However, it’s one thing to set goals, and another entirely to stick to them.


Our team at Polam puts our members first, and we’re here to help you achieve your financial goals. Here are a few great ways to make those goals a reality:


  • Make sure your goals are realistic, and try to avoid exceeding your own expectations.  It’s not uncommon for people to make excuses for why they aren’t staying on track and reaching their financial goals. However, sometimes all it takes is putting the money you save in a place where you can’t regularly access it. Polam offers savings accounts that allow you to transfer funds, as well as CDs that you can hold onto your funds in a safe place where they can grow interest. Make sure you save what you can afford – it won’t help if you don’t have enough money in your regular checking account for your regular bills and amenities.
  • Organize your budgets.  Whether you maintain a daily, weekly, or monthly budget (or all of the above), staying organized is a key factor in ensuring your financial goals are met. If you don’t already have a spreadsheet lining out your expenditures including rent or mortgage, bills, and groceries (and so forth), it’ll be difficult to visualize where your money is going.
  • Write it down!  One of the best ways to truly visualize your financial goals is as easy as grabbing a pen and paper – or even a Word document. Make a written outline of your financial goals, how you believe you can achieve them, the time frame in which you aim to achieve them, and keep it somewhere you can access at any time. Writing or typing it all out makes these goals more real – and it helps you hold yourself accountable for them as well.