Buying a New Car – How to Save Money on Your Purchase


There are few purchases more exciting than the purchase of a new car. Whether you’re driving off the lot in a new or pre-owned car, it’s a big step to take and one that will help shape the next several years of your life. Such an expensive buying decision needs to be taken seriously, as there’s a great deal to consider before you take the plunge – most notably how much your new car is going to cost in the long run.


Before you begin your car shopping journey, here are a few good ways you can save money on your purchase:


  • Budget ahead of time.  How much can you afford? That should be the number one question you ask yourself before you start shopping. Look at your monthly budget with your regular expenditures (bills, groceries, rent/mortgage, any debt you might have) and figure out what kind of monthly car payment would fit in well. Once you’ve done that, you can start looking at cars in your price range.


  • Don’t wait to apply for your car loan.  If you plan on financing your car, don’t wait until the last minute to apply for a car loan with us. Polam offers car loans with flexible terms, low interest rates, and an easy application process, and our team of loan specialists are always on hand to answer any questions you might have.


  • Research, research, research.  You don’t want to walk into a car dealership without knowing what you want – so start doing your research ahead of time. Are you interested in a sedan, SUV, or sports car? What kinds of safety features do you need? Do you want a hybrid or electric car to save on fuel and protect the environment? These questions – and more – will help you narrow down the ideal car for your wallet and your interests.


  • Check out auto insurance providers for the best deal.  You may be paying too much for your auto insurance – it’s the case for too many Americans. Once you’ve chosen the car you want to buy, start shopping around for an auto insurance plan that will best suit your vehicle. Insurance rates can vary based on the design of your car (for example, two-door cars tend to yield higher rates), so keep this in mind as you shop.