How Much Should You Spend During Wedding Season

As we all know, as we approach warmer months, wedding season is about to be in full swing. Whether you’re invited to an elegant formal affair or a laid-back outdoor wedding, the importance of giving a gift of any kind cannot be overlooked as a guest. Your hosts are likely spending $30 a plate – or more – to celebrate their happiness with you, so forgoing a gift can come off as incredibly inappropriate. Considering the fact that, as of 2023, the average wedding has cost more than $36,000, it’s considered proper wedding etiquette to give a gift of some sort.

However, we understand that not everyone can afford that $400 KitchenAid mixer or $300 Ninja blender. Here are a few things to consider when pricing out a proper wedding gift.

How close are you to the bride and/or groom?

Before you start pricing out gift options, you need to consider your closeness to the couple who’s getting married. One may know the bride better, and vice-versa, but a degree of closeness can help you decide how much to spend. Also, if you’re bringing a guest or are invited with multiple family members, consider going up in price due to the extra expenditures.

According to sources, here some basic spending ideas:

  • Close friend or relative: $150
  • Friend or relative: $100
  • Distant friend or co-worker: $50

Are you attending bridal showers or engagement parties?

If you’re attending one or both, this can help you spread out the monetary value of the gifts you give. Most brides have a registry from one or two stores suggesting what they need, making it easy for you to choose a gift they would love within your price range. You can also consider purchasing a gift card for the couple so you can spread around your gifts.

Speaking of gift cards…

If you know where the bride and groom are registered, or if you’re close enough to them to know where they like to shop, gift cards are an easy and always encouraged choice. If you’re unsure what to buy from their registry, purchase a gift card with a good but affordable amount on it and give it as a gift for the happy couple.