Credit Unions vs. Banks – What are the Differences

There’s one thing everyone knows about big banks: they are for-profit businesses, and when you bank with them, you’re essentially a customer and an account number. However, if you’re concerned about your money and how it’s handled by your financial institution, why not consider moving to a credit union?

Members of Polam FCU get all the benefits of being more than just an account number in their financial institution. This personalized experience is one of the positive benefits of being a member of a credit union – you don’t have to worry about CEOs who focus more on profits than taking care of their customers. Here are just a few differences between banks and credit unions, and why switching to a credit union could be a great choice for your financial future.

They’re not-for-profit institutions.

One of the best reasons to become a member of a credit union is the fact that you’re not a customer – you’re a bona fide member who gets to reap the benefits of a not-for-profit status. Members are the driving force that influence every element in their credit union. When you bank with Polam as a member, you avoid the fees that big banks incur, and enjoy benefits in the form of rewards points and lower rates.

Many credit unions are for niche markets.

Do you feel like your financial institution treats you like just another cog in the banking system? Fortunately, you don’t have to worry about that with many credit unions. Polam FCU caters to the Polish community in Northern California Bay Area and New Britain, CT. There are also credit unions that specialize in catering to professions like active duty military, engineers, people in the medical industry, and educators.

Regarding your financial safety, we’ve got you covered.

Credit unions are technically not banks by definition. However, that doesn’t mean your money isn’t safe with us. The National Credit Union Association (NCUA) regulates all federally insured credit unions, and you can even look up your credit union’s financial health.

We’ve got your best interests in mind.

One thing to always consider is for whom your financial institution is actually working. However, with credit unions, we’ve always got your best interest in mind, and our members are always trying to make our credit union better for all involved.

Come drop in to one of our Polam FCU branches and our team will be more than happy to show you the benefits of being a member, and get you started on your path to being part of the Polam family.