Easy Fall Tasks for Your Home

With summer officially over, the crisp and cool weather that fall brings is a welcome reprieve from heat and sunshine. Fall weather also offers a great opportunity to tackle a few tasks around your home and yard – tasks that you may have avoided over the summer due to heat, and tasks that can help prepare your home for the winter weather to come. These tasks can also be effective for fall as we’re entering prime fire season in many parts of the country.

If you’re a homeowner, here are a few tasks and quick fixes that can effectively prepare your home for fall and winter weather – 

Make sure the heating systems in your home are functional. 

You likely haven’t needed to run your central heat or space heaters in a few months, so making sure they’re operational and working smoothly will help in case there are issues before you need to use it. It’s also a good opportunity to replace any aspects of your home’s heating system.

Take care of your front and back yard. 

Mowing your lawn, as well as reseeding and fertilizing it, will help with your home’s value and image. Use this time to prune trees, trim bushes and hedges, and generally make sure your yard continues to look beautiful even as cold weather approaches. 

Clean your gutters. 

This is one thing you should do frequently, as clogged gutters can result in roof damage. With decomposing leaves falling from trees, your gutters are more likely to get clogged if you’re not on top of keeping them cleaned.

Prepare your outdoor spaces for winter. 

Summertime provides a great opportunity to enjoy outdoor living, so if you have lawn chairs and tables or a general outdoor setup, now is a good time to store it all before winter weather arrives. Storing your outdoor gear will keep them safe from the elements. 

Check your windows and pipes. 

Take a close look at your home’s windows and make sure there are no leaks – if there are any, take this time to re-caulk before cold weather comes through. Also, if you live in an area that gets below zero temperatures in winter, check your pipes for insulation to prevent any freezing or bursting.