Keeping Costs Down at Home While Going Green

We’re already experiencing spring weather, and you may even be dealing with heat and humidity. The costs associated with keeping a home cool and refreshing – and healthy – can give you a sense of sticker shock, even if you’re looking into using alternative cooling methods. However, there are many small and creative ways you can help cut your energy costs, and many take almost no effort.

Our team at Polam is dedicated to helping our members with financial security and comfort, and we understand the stress of keeping a home cool without breaking the bank. Here are some simple and innovative ways to keep down your energy costs in the upcoming summer months –

Keep the temperature in your home properly adjusted.

When you’re at home and awake, keep your thermostat at a base level to keep you as comfortable as possible. If you have central air conditioning, run it on a schedule and make sure it’s around 69 degrees for optimal cooling without running up your electric bill. Having a programmable thermostat can make it easier to regulate your temperature without additional stress. Also remember that most energy companies have “peak hours,” generally in late afternoon, where your rates will go up.

Take advantage of the shade in your home.

Keeping the curtains of your sun-facing windows closed during daylight hours will prevent excess heat in your house from afternoon sun. At night, instead of turning on your air conditioner, open a window or use a fan if you have one in your room.

Turn off the lights and enjoy longer evenings.

Something you may not know is that lighting often accounts for 25 percent of a homeowner’s average electric bill. In summer months, it can stay light out until almost 8:00 p.m., so keeping the lights off when it’s sunny and bright in the house will save you money.

Go unplugged.

One thing many people might not know is that about 75 percent of your home’s energy consumption comes from electronics that remain plugged in all day. A great way to save a few dollars on your next electric bill is unplug anything you don’t need to use, even if it’s just a random lamp, toaster, or computer.