Saving Money on Air Travel

We’ve all been bitten by the travel bug at least once in our lives, but quality travel doesn’t always come cheap. With rising fuel costs all over the world, airfare has gotten more expensive, and the COVID-19 pandemic has affected staffing with airlines, both in airports and on flights. However, it’s still possible to travel by plane while on a budget – you just have to know how to shop smart when booking your airfare.

If you’re interested in booking a flight in the near future, here are a few tips to get the best bang for your

Plan ahead – don’t book at the last minute.

Finding a last-minute fare for a decent price isn’t easy, especially now; if you know you want to travel by plane, make sure you plan ahead and book at least a month ahead of time in order to find the best deals on fares. If you plan to fly internationally, you may need to book your airfare six months out, depending on where you plan to go.

Consider traveling during off-peak days.

The most expensive fares will fall on the busiest travel days of the week – generally Mondays, Fridays, and Sundays. If possible, make adjustments in your travel plans to fly during the week, such as a Tuesday or Wednesday, to get the best prices on airfare.

Scour the web for fares using dedicated online services.

Websites like Kayak, Google Flights, and Travelocity can score you the best fares by scouring different sites and carriers in one simple search, saving you the time and energy. They also offer filters and calendar tools to help you decide the best days to travel, based on airfare costs. You can also use these sites to compare fares from neighboring airports, if you don’t mind flying out of somewhere different but

Save even more by packing light.

Many, if not most, airlines now charge passengers to check a bag, and if your bag is over a certain weight (usually 50 pounds), you’ll be charged an additional cost. If you can, consider packing a carry-on bag that you can bring into the cabin to save you this extra cost. You’ll also save time by doing so – no need to wait at the baggage carousel upon arrival, and you won’t risk losing your luggage in transit.