Staycation Ideas and Tips

Sometimes when you get the vacation itch, you find that you aren’t in a position to travel. Perhaps it’s due to finances or your work schedule, or your children’s school schedule. However, when you get the urge to take a break from life and get away from it all, you’ll find that you can do so without breaking the bank or even leaving your own home.  In the last couple of years, “staycations” have become popular for quite a few reasons, including those related to the pandemic. If you’re in need of a getaway but are stuck at home, here are a few fun staycation ideas that work for individuals, couples, or families – or all of the above.

Turn your home into a fancy restaurant.

Even with restrictions being lifted, many popular restaurants are still offering dine-at-home options because they were so popular. This isn’t just takeout – it’s bringing your favorite restaurant specialties home so you can prepare them whenever you want. Even restaurants like The Melting Pot, which specializes in fondue, has offered dine-at-home packages to go. If you’re looking to create something yourself, websites like Delish and Pinterest are a goldmine for at-home menus.

Treat yourself to a spa day.

You don’t have to drop big bucks at a day spa to pamper yourself. Curl up in your favorite robe and give yourself a day of pampering – and you definitely don’t have to break the bank. You can find one-use masks, lotions, bath salts and bath bombs, hand treatments, and much more at any local drug store.

Bring the outdoors inside with a camping trip.

Weather permitting, you can also take a backyard family camping trip if you have the space; but if you prefer to stay inside, it’s easy to turn your family room into a version of the great outdoors. This is an especially fun idea for families, as your children can help build an expert blanket fort, and you can choose your favorite spooky movies and campfire snacks to share.

Focus on self care.

The concept of self care can fall under a number of definitions. However, taking a staycation is a great way to ensure you’re taking advantage of the opportunity to look out for number one. Take this time for yourself and indulge in what comforts you, whether it be cracking a good book, reaching out to old friends, picking up a hobby you’ve always loved, or relaxing in a bubble bath. When it comes to self care, the options are abundant.