Saving Big on Your Super Bowl Party

The big game is just about here – the Super Bowl! When it comes to sporting events, the Super Bowl is probably the biggest and most popular event in the United States. Regardless of whether you’re an American football fan, the spirit of the Super Bowl is contagious, and millions of Americans host or attend parties every year to celebrate and watch the big game.

However, with the cost of groceries on the rise, it’s a good idea to look for ways you can save money on this year’s Super Bowl festivities. Here are a few tips to help you get started:

Consider a potluck-style party

If you’re hosting the big game at your home, there’s no harm in asking your guests to bring something for everyone, whether it’s a side dish, a beverage, condiments, or even just paper plates and napkins for those who are less culinary-inclined. It’s a great way for your guests to feel personally involved, and you can save money by providing a main dish and snacks to complement what your guests provide.

Make your own platters

Rather than spending the money at your local deli or grocery store on a pre-made meat or veggie platter, why not make one yourself? Keep an eye out on sales for produce, cheese, and cold cuts, and create your own spread – and you can even tap into your creative side with it! You’ll save money by hand selecting your own ingredients for your platter to satisfy all of your guests’ tastes.

Weigh your pizza options

Pizza is always a crowd favorite, but ordering from a delivery service can not only cost more money, but they’re already going to be slammed on the day of the big game. Instead, pick up a couple of large pizzas from Costco – they run about $10 for a large pie. You can also opt for the frozen pizza route, as there are a wide variety of high quality brands that will please anyone.

Keep it simple with snacks

When it comes down to munchies, you can’t go wrong with chips and salsa, frozen pizza rolls, or fresh veggies and dip. Keep an eye out for grocery sales and coupons to save money on these items before you shop.