IMPORTANT NOTICE – PROXY USE If you have appointed the Credit Union’s Board to act as your representative by means of a current, unrevoked proxy, the proxy will be voted by the Board’s authorized designee at member meetings on director and supervisory committee elections, amendments to the articles of incorporation and bylaws, principal terms of any merger, as well as such other proper business as may come before such meetings. Your proxy may be revoked by a subsequent proxy, or otherwise in writing. You may also withdraw your proxy from any meeting you attend in person.

Make your vote count.

A Voting Proxy is a written authorization signed by a member giving a designated person or persons the power to vote on the member’s behalf. You are not required to sign a Voting Proxy as a condition of membership with Polam FCU; rather, signing a proxy is an option that is available to you to allow another person to exercise your voting rights when you are not present in person to do so yourself. In other words, having a Proxy means your vote will be counted, even if you don’t attend the Annual Meeting.

If you would like to re-appoint the Nominating Committee of Polam FCU Board of Directors (“Proxy Holder”) to exercise your voting privileges, please complete and submit a new Voting Proxy. This will constitute your signature on the Voting Proxy and will authorize the Proxy Holder to vote on your behalf.

Upon submission, your new Voting Proxy shall be valid for a three-year term commencing from the date of execution. For Voting Proxies submitted electronically, the date of execution shall be the date of electronic submission.

Please note that we are required to advise you that the nature of each matter or group of related matters on which the enclosed Voting Proxy may be voted by the Proxy Holder is as follows:

  • Election of Directors
  • Election of Supervisory Committee Member
  • Amendment of the Bylaws of Polam FCU, except as prohibited by law
  • Any other matters which may properly arise at either the Annual Members Meeting or any special meeting of the members. Notice of such matters shall be provided to the member in the notice of such meeting.

About your Proxy Statement

As a member of Polam FCU, members may vote on a wide range of issues and proposals, plus vote for candidates to serve on our Board of Directors and other special committees. A proxy statement appoints another party to vote for you at such meetings.

Not all members may be able to attend our Annual Meeting or other special meetings, but may wish their votes to be cast.

This proxy statement appoints the Nominating Committee of the Polam FCU Board of Directors as your proxy.

No, although the proxy is expected to vote in the overall best interest of Polam FCU members.

Yes. You can revoke your proxy statement at any time in writing or by attending an Annual Meeting. If you do not revoke your proxy statement, it is valid for three years from the date you sign it.

Absolutely not. Signing a proxy statement is not a requirement of Polam FCU members.

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